Our Commitment

Karusotju is crafted from the pristine water of Batukaru and Cilembu's honey sweet potatoes- a unique fusion from nature skilfully crafted by the locals. This commitment to preserving our natural environment is at the heart of our mission

Together we go far

We believe in collective effort for success. At Karu, we empower locals with craftmanship training and create job opportunities that were previously non existent in the area.

Indigenous honey sweet potatoes

In our early stage, these honey sweet potatoes already stood out. They exhibit a robust character, with caramelized honey emerging from baked sweet potatoes. It was at that moment, we became certain that this could be something unique. Our honey sweet potatoes are grown exclusively in a particular area in Cilembu Village, where the unique combination of soil, weather, and dedicated farmers makes this variety truly special.

The gems inside Batukaru Rainforest

The Batukaru rainforest provides us with the perfect source of mountain water, a crucial ingredient for distilling our spirits. This is why we’ve strategically located our distillery at the heart of this mountainous region in Tabanan. We deeply understand the significance of the surrounding nature, which is why we are committed to becoming a zero-waste industry.

Creating value from the waste

At Karusotju, we believe in repurposing every bit of waste. We collaborate with black soldier fly farmers to produce high-quality maggots and ‘kasgot’ for composting. These maggots serve as a rich protein source for feed. Our packaging is 100% recyclable, and our goal is to maintain this sustainability effort as a benchmark standard within the distilled spirits industry.