Purveyor of Karusotju: Enjoy A Timeless Journey through Exquisite Cocktails and Nostalgic Ambiance at Aperitif Bar

Step into a world where time stands still, where the elegance of the 1930s intertwines with the exotic flavors of meticulously crafted cocktails. Welcome to Aperitif Bar, a haven of vintage allure and immersive ambiance, nestled in the heart of Ubud, one of our exclusive, carefully curated purveyor in Bali.

At Karusotju, we believe in partnering with purveyors who share our principles and values, and Aperitif Bar is a shining example of just that. Join us as we explore the enchanting story of the Aperitif brand, the mastery of their head mixologist Panji Wisrawan, and our shared journey to elevate the craft spirits experience offline.

What’s so Interesting about Aperitif Bar? It’s their Concept of Providing A Glimpse into the Jazz Age!

Imagine being transported to the captivating era of the 1930s, surrounded by the echoes of foreign artists and academics who found solace and inspiration in Bali’s mystical charm. Aperitif Bar beckons you with its Cocktail Anthology, a beautifully illustrated menu that pays homage to the beverage traditions of that golden era. Step into this vintage haven, where the tantalizing flavors of their cocktails blend seamlessly with the smoky ambiance reminiscent of a classic speakeasy. Whether you seek a pre-dinner indulgence, a night of revelry with friends, or a romantic evening, Aperitif Bar sets the stage for an extraordinary experience.

Head to their website now to learn more about their story and bar concept, and see why we believe they’re a perfect Purveyor to offer our own Karu products to their customers.

Meet their Head Mixologist, Panji Wisrawan, the Creative Genius Behind Aperitif’s Literal Bar

At the heart of Aperitif Bar’s cocktail mastery is their talented head mixologist, Panji Wisrawan. With over a decade of experience and a passion for pushing the boundaries of mixology, Panji brings a wealth of expertise to the craft. His remarkable skills were recognized when he was crowned the winner of the Campari Bartender Competition 2019 with his signature Campari Cocktail, “Jack & Rose.” A graduate of Nipaka L’ecole Hoteliere in Denpasar, Panji’s journey has taken him to various prestigious establishments in Bali, including Da Romeo Italian Restaurant and La Palma Beach Club. His thirst for exploration even led him to the seas, where he honed his craft while hosting whiskey tastings and mixology classes for guests aboard Viking Ocean Cruises.


Panji’s artistry extends beyond the bar counter; it embodies a personal and professional growth that is reflected in his favorite cocktail, the Boulevardier. With its bold and complex flavors, the Boulevardier resonates with Panji’s passion for bourbon and his journey within the hospitality industry. Panji’s warm hospitality and genuine enthusiasm for creating memorable experiences make every visit to Aperitif Bar a journey worth cherishing, and we’re truly honored to have him constantly serve our Karu products at the bar.

Aperitif Bar as a Purveyor of Karusotju: A Perfect Blend of Craftsmanship

When selecting purveyors for Karusotju, we seek partners who embody our values and passion for delivering exceptional experiences. Aperitif Bar’s commitment to offering a sophisticated and immersive dining experience, paired with their reverence for the 1930s and the exotic nature of Ubud, perfectly aligns with our own aspirations. Just as we craft our spirits with meticulous attention to detail, Aperitif Bar takes pride in curating a cocktail menu that seamlessly integrates the finest ingredients and flavors to transport guests to another time and place.


Together, Aperitif Bar and Karusotju embark on a shared journey to redefine the craft spirits experience. With their dedication to creating a timeless atmosphere and offering exquisite cocktails, and our commitment to crafting exceptional distilled spirits, we elevate the enjoyment of libations to new heights. This partnership is a testament to the power of collaboration and the passion for providing unforgettable moments to patrons who seek the extraordinary.


Immerse yourself in the splendor of the 1930s at Aperitif Bar, where vintage elegance, unparalleled mixology, and nostalgic ambiance converge. With Panji Wisrawan’s creative expertise and Aperitif Bar’s dedication to crafting unforgettable experiences, the stage is set for an extraordinary journey through time. At Karusotju, we are proud to collaborate with purveyors like Aperitif Bar who share our vision and values, as we continue to bring the goodness of our craft spirits to discerning palates across Indonesia. Raise your glass and join us as we toast to the timeless magic of Aperitif Bar and the captivating flavors of Karusotju!

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