Enjoy This Karu 38 Cocktail Recipe at Home: Highball Shochu

Have You Heard About Karusotju Before?

Lovers of distilled spirits all around the world, here’s something you should try (if you haven’t). Indulge in the delightfully serene, balanced and elegant taste of Karusotju, an artisanal distilled spirit locally sourced and produced in the lush area of Batukaru in Tabanan, Bali. Inspired by the traditional methods and cultural significance of Japanese Shochu and Indonesian Arak, Karusotju offers a unique blend that combines the best of both worlds, and we consider ourselves as one of Bali’s finest crafted spirits made to accommodate the needs and demands of spirits lovers around the world.

In this article, we will explore the rich heritage of Japanese Shochu, fascinating facts about Indonesian Arak, and present you a delightful and refreshing recipe for the Karu Cocktail: Highball Shochu that you can easily savour at the comfort of your own home. So sit back, relax, and prepare to embark on a spiritful journey with us!

The Cultural Spirits of Asia That Inspired the Creation of Karusotju…

Japanese Shochu: A Captivating Tradition

Before we start on the cocktail recipe, let’s walk through a little context about Shochu and Arak, two cultural spirits that heavily inspire the creation and process of Karusotju.

Deeply rooted in Japanese culture, the world-renowned Shochu is a distilled spirit that has been cherished for centuries all over the world. Made from various ingredients such as rice, barley, sweet potatoes, and buckwheat, Shochu offers a diverse range of flavors to please every palate for the spirits aficionados. The production process involves fermentation and distillation, resulting in a smooth and refined spirit. Shochu’s versatility also allows it to be enjoyed straight, on the rocks, or mixed into delightful cocktails. If you’ve had the pleasure to try Shochu, then you’ll love the taste of Karusotju for sure.

Indonesian Arak: The Elixir of the Tropics

Across the seas, Indonesia boasts its own renowned distilled spirit called Arak. Crafted from coconut flower sap, sugarcane, or palm, Arak captures the essence of the tropical paradise we know as our beloved archipelago. Its distinct aroma and robust flavors have made it a popular choice among locals and visitors who tend to like their spirits on the stronger side. Arak is often savored neat or mixed into creative concoctions, showcasing the vibrant spirit of Indonesia. Some do find the taste and effects of Arak a bit too strong, but with Karusotju this will not be the case for you.

Karusotju: The Fusion of Two Traditions

Karusotju pays homage to the rich traditions of both Japanese Shochu and Indonesian Arak in our products. By blending the unique characteristics and heritage of these spirits, we bring a harmonious fusion of elegant and clean flavors to your glass. The result is one of our spirits variation known as Karu 38—light, refreshing, and citrusy—a perfect base for the Karu Cocktail – Highball Shochu. Without further ado, here’s the recipe for you to try:

Karu Cocktail at-home Recipe: Highball Shochu

What You’ll Need:

  1. Karu 38 – 60 ml
  2. Lime – 10 ml
  3. Lime zest – 1 piece
  4. Tonic water – 100 ml

How to Make:

  1. Fill a highball glass with ice cubes, allowing it to chill.
  2. Pour 60 ml of Karu 38 over the ice.
  3. Squeeze the juice of a fresh lime, adding 10 ml to the glass.
  4. Gently stir the mixture to combine the flavors.
  5. Take the lime zest and rub it along the rim of the glass, releasing its aromatic oils.
  6. Drop the lime zest into the glass for an extra burst of citrusy essence.
  7. Finally, pour 100 ml of tonic water into the glass, allowing it to fizz and enhance the refreshing nature of the cocktail.
  8. Give the drink a gentle stir, ensuring all the ingredients are well mixed.
  9. Garnish with a lime wheel or additional lime zest, if desired.
  10. Enjoy your Karu Cocktail: Highball Shochu and savor the fusion of Japanese and Indonesian flavors!

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This Karu Cocktail: Highball Shochu, featuring Karu 38 as its star ingredient, promises a light, refreshing, and citrusy experience that will delight your senses. Explore the rich traditions of Japanese Shochu and Indonesian Arak with us, and elevate your cocktail game with Karusotju’s exquisite blends. Cheers to the fusion of cultures and flavors!